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We are so glad that you could stop by and visit.  We certainly hope that you and your family are having a wonderful holiday season!

In Richmond - like many places - the Christmas decorations were up before Halloween. The crass, incessant marketing of Christmas often overshadows the real meaning of the holidays.  For us, Christmas has been less of a strict religious interpretation and more of an inclusive time for share with family and friends: regardless of faith, color, or belief.  Christmas is just a good time to remember how thankful we are to have our family and friends.

This year we give thanks to all of you that share our life.  There isn't a single one of you that we get to see enough.  We hope that you will call and stop by (no, you don't need to call first).  This year's horrible events make us even more thankful of you and that we live in a country where brave men and women defend us.  For our military friends serving overseas away from your families this year, please know that you have a special place in our hearts.

If you haven't been around us much this year, you have certainly missed a lot!  Daniel started a new company called eVisory and managed to receive both his race car and race instructor licenses.  Bobbie attended race car school and is learning to drive her new pink race-car-to-be.  Daniel has managed to travel a bit less and spend more time home (good for everyone).  Bobbie has cut back on her hours in the office a little, only to have it offset with an incredibly busy year in the real estate market (Bobbie went through eight real estate closings this year as a part of running the household finances!)

As always the animals play an important part in our life.   We're still getting used to Elbert being gone.  Barley and Bow move a little slower as old ages takes it toll, but both know where to find a lap or a pillow.  Ms. Kitty gets a little more demanding each week, but still finds time (her time) when she commands our presence.  The lemurs, Graybar and Babette, managed a few unathorized excursions which resulted in a new cage.  We're hoping these precious endagered species begin to breed in the next year. A few monkeys made it into the house, but the highlight was certainly Opie due to his personality and affection.  Forutunately he ended up in Guam with a situation so good that we call it 'Life of Opie'.

We thought this would be a relatively quiet year for travel, but we managed to sneak trips off to Spain, Morocco, London, Big Sur, Las Vegas, the British Virgin Islands, Scottsdale, and more.  Next year has Paris, Maui, and probably London already committed.

It wouldn't be a typical year without a few unusual things.  Highlights for 2001 Reverend Daniel Elam performing his first wedding and Bobbie appearing as an extra in a movie produced by a talented local director.

Harry Elam escaped Washington, DC and finally moved to his beach house in Coralla, NC.  Charlene Elam and the Yorks continue to live in good health in Virginia Beach and Statesville, NC.

We do get to see some of you:  Dan plays poker with the guys while Bobbie plays Bunko with a bunch of screaming, rowdy women.  Racing the cars has brought new friends to us that we see at the track and even off the track once in a while.  Hopefully we'll get to see you soon too.

May this holiday season be blessed with uncommon joy.   Please know that you are in our prayers and thoughts.  Please be sure to check the web page and drop us a line or call whenever you have a moment.


Bobbie and Dan

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