Married Life



We were married at St. Paul's in Richmond,Virginia in 1994 and lived in Urbanna, VA at Rosegill Farm before moving to Richmond in 1996.  We'll be adding more wedding pics over time, but for now you can click here.  We had our best and dearest friends in the wedding party and in attendance.  Make sure to check out the "blue meringues".   Those were some great looking bridesmaids dresses! Here's a little 8 MB video of our wedding.

When we got married Bobbie was Vice President at a textile company in Richmond.  The company had it's problems and she left in early 1995.

At Rosegill Bobbie took care of the house and the animals.   Daniel continued to travel and build a company he had founded.  Later the company was split and we ended up with part of it.

In 1997 we moved to Richmond and set up shop here.  The monkeys and others joined us almost right away.

We are fortunate that we get to spend more time together than most couples - despite the travel.  Bobbie takes care of the house and I try not to get it too messy.  (No question that I have it easy!)  We get to do a lot of things together, but still have our own hobbies.

As you can see from the web site, we do manage to avoid being bored.  Bobbie sometimes worries about what will happen when I retire since I don't do well sitting still, but we seem to make it work.

We aren't a perfect couple: we have fights and disagreements like everyone.  We're fortunate that both of us take our marriage very seriously and keeping the other one happy is a priority.  We share similar values and a perception on where we've come from, but we aren't anywhere close to being identical.  It works for us, but it probably wouldn't work unless it was us.