How we Met   by Dan Elam

It started with a trip back from Washington, DC.  I was just past Springfield, stuck in the traffic of Interstate-95.  A white Saab was in the traffic near me.  As we went through the traffic, we sort of helped each other through the traffic.  Once or twice as I passed the car, I sw what I thought to be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Of course, a Saab is a boring, married woman's car.  I didn't think much about it.  Oh well.

But as we began to clear through the traffic, I could see that she was looking and grinning at me.  By then it became a bit of a game.  We continued on this way for a while.  Finally, it got to the last exit just above Richmond.  I put my arm out the window and motioned for her to follow.   She dashed across all the lanes of traffic to follow me off the exit ramp.  I pulled into a Texaco at the off ramp.

Bobbie followed me into the parking lot and we both rolled down our windows.  I asked, "Do you have plans for dinner?"   She just sort of giggled, so I asked again.  This beautiful voice answered me and said 'no'.  We went to a small restaraunt nearby and began our wonderful life!