Bow is one of the best examples of obsessive compulsive behavior that you might ever see.   He came home with Buttons when Mom decided she wanted a maltese.  Bow has always had the classic maltese size and prance, but he also had a little brown in his coat.

When Bow was little he wanted to play ball.  I don't mean until he got tired.   I mean all the time and at a high level.  You couldn't walk in the room without Bow grabbing a ball, throwing it at your feet, and barking until you played.


In the picture you see the flash reflecting off his cataracts, but they only seem to reinforce his intensity.  (He was a bit of a stalker.)

Bow came to our house in the Fall of 2000 and it was been a big adjustment for him.   Later he went back to mom's house and joined us for his final days after mom died.  He was a bit neurotic, but cute!

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