2007 Year in Review


Ok.  We know our life is a little busy in general, but 2007 will go down a 'busy year' of historical proportions.  The year was dominated by our purchase and move to Bushfield.  After swearing we would never leave Richmond, we packed up our city things and moved to the country.  The entire transaction for Bushfield was stressful, but in the end were were grateful that we ended up with our beautiful home over all the other interested people.  Thanksgiving marked the christening of the house as Della, Harry, and almost all of the Searcey family managed to join us.

Life with the race cars had it's usual ups and downs.  We started off in February with Bobbie's new race car not turning a single lap and wrecks with two more while the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College students acted as pit crew.  The rest of the year had us fighting various things, but we still managed to be front runners even if the wins got even harder than ever.  A reality TV film crew came out to film Bobbie at the track, but in the end nothing - no TV show, no red carpet goodie bags - came of it.  We did appear in a local newspaper article with the cars about the exciting life of living downtown.  What was funny was that it came out the very weekend we moved to the country.

Travel was curtailed a bit this year but Bobbie made it out with Carole to see Lisa and Debbie in Maui and we did manage to see the start of the Tour de France when it started in London.  From there is was off to the south of France and Monaco with Jeremy, Vicki, Harry, and Isabel.

Our final season at Naylor's Beach proved fun as well and we enjoyed time with the girls and some long distance jet ski rides including one trip all the way down to the Chesapeake Bay.

Lilianna proved to be adaptable with all the changes and she, mostly, enjoyed the various little monkeys in her life.  At Bushfield she has proven to be quite the country dog as she runs all over and the curls up with mommy every chance she gets.

Work also saw major changes for us as well.  In the Spring we purchased All Dog Playskool - the same doggy day-care that Lilianna was already going to.  Perhaps most significantly, we sold eVisory to Gimmal Group on December 31st and Dan marked his first day as an employee in nearly 20 years as he became a Managing Director of the new company.

Without question 2007 was a milestone year for us.  We're looking forward to an exciting 2008, but will be happy for it to calm down just a bit!