Dan's Family


Despite being born outside of Chicago and moving around a bit, Dan's family has remained primarily located in Virginia and North Carolina.

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Dan comes from families with a long history of ties to Virginia.  Dan's parents are Harry and Charlene Elam.  His grandfather was Thomas Elam and his grandmothers are Arlene Searcey (Sweat) and Louise Elam (Bailey).  The Elam family traces its roots to the early 1600s in central Virginia (Henrico) where they were farmers.  The family line can easily be traced back to the late 1500's in Yorkshire, England.  It takes speculation to trace the family tree back to around 1189 according to research on the Elam family web site.  The Searceys appear to have come from Leicestershire, England in the late 1700s, although records are incomplete.  If you are really bored, you can click on Dan's ancestor links.


Dan was known as Danny growing up.  His only sister was Debbie (also called Debra).  Here is Debbie Elam as a tyke.


On the Elam side, Dan has an Uncle Clarence, Aunt Judy, and Barbara Jo for a cousin.  Dan's grandfather was the oldest of ten children growing up in the Elam house.  In 2001, the last of these kids passed away.  Mary Elam Dunn, 93, was buried at the family church, Bethany Baptist outside of Baskerville. 

The Searcey family is bigger (and we see them all more often!).   Click here for the Searcey side of the family!  Chris just moved to Richmond!

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Being in a military family means you have a sort of extended family.  These pictures are basically those from when I was growing up.  That's why you'll also see pictures of friends like Kay & Jenny, the Desmonds, Daniels, Dubriollets, Lewises, and others.   There are also other pictures like the Minor Reunion.   There's even a separate set of pictures from Christmas 1975.