We decided to spend Thanksgiving in Hawaii this year since it fit the schedule pretty well.  Dan has been a number of times, but Bobbie had never been, despite her world-wide travel.  Thanksgiving Day was spent in Maui where we stayed in Lahaina.  Maui had nice beaches and some stunning rainbows. 


Later we went to the Big Island and stayed at a very secluded beach.  It was a long trip over the active volcanos and we drove all through Volcano National Park hoping that we could get to see the lava.  No such luck.  When we were there, the lava was flowing through a tube directly into the sea.  It would have been a several mile, dangerous hike with almost no chance of seeing the lava.  It was still fun and full of amazing beauty.

On one of the days, Dan did a little hiking on the Big Island.  One the areas was near Mauna Kea, home to some of the world's most powerful telescopes.


Big Island