Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How did you meet?

Daniel was driving back from a business meeting in Washington, DC when Bobbie picked him on the interstate.  It's a long story.  Bobbie adds:   HE flaged me off the road and I thought he was a nutter. 


Don't you want to keep the baby monkeys you raise?

We are always sad when they leave, but having a monkey for a pet really doesn't make good sense.  They achieve an emotional maturity level of about a 2 year old human and can easily live for 30 years.  Monkeys are expensive pets and become aggressive as they get older.  They really don't make good pets and that is why we really discourage individuals from owning monkeys as pets.  They should go to breeding facilities or zoos where they have interaction with other monkeys and lots of attention.


How long have you been married?

It changes.


How long have you lived in the house?

It changes.


Is Daniel upset by Bobbie always having the monkeys?

Well, he certainly wasn't thrilled when the first one came home.  He had made it pretty clear that monkeys were not allowed.  Since then, he enjoys having them.  Of course, he likes some monkeys better than others.


Does Daniel help you take care of the monkeys?

Some.  I (Bobbie) take care of most of the feeding and diaper stuff.  He helps with toys and keeping the babies entertained for various things. 


Does Bobbie mind Daniel's constant traveling?

Well, it's not the greatest thing in the world.  I (Bobbie) used to travel a lot so I know it isn't fun, but it pays the bills.  He travels slightly less than he used to and calls every night.


Is Bobbie upset by Dan's interest in the cars?

No.  Boys have toys.


What is the fastest you have ever driven?

About 165MPH in a Dodge Viper (Dan).  Bobbie has driven about 120MPH in her pink race car.


How many tickets have you gotten?

Dan has gotten just one and that was from driving a manufacturer's test car where the speedometer was broken.  Bobbie tends to be arrogant with the policemen and gets about one per year.


What does Daniel do?

It's computer related.  It will take a little longer to explain it.  You can visit the eVisory web site.


How old do the monkeys have to be before they fly?



What do I have to do to attend the Easter Party?

Fresh crisp $100 bills work well, but so does asking.


Is Bobbie Daniel's mother?

Surprisingly, we get asked this a lot.  Just for the record, she is not.


Is the Viper a practical car?

No.  The top leaks, the tires are miserable in rain (downright unsafe), and there is no cruise control.  It is the hardest car in the world to learn to drive.  A few people do use theirs as everyday cars, but you are just asking for trouble.  It is a nice day, weekend car only.


How do you like living next to the Conners?

Sheesh?!  It's tough living next to a family nigh-unto-sainthood, but it is great.  We really couldn't have dreamed of nicer neighbors than they are.  It works very well for us since they are sort of our extended family.


Does Bobbie race against just other women?

No. Road racing involves men and women competing against each other. Bobbie already has a few wins under her belt.

Do you get scared watching Dan race?

No. There is a lot of safety equipment and the medical personnel are excellent. Some also ask if it is scary in the car. The answer is no – it is very exciting or very frustrating, but not scary.

Are your pictures copyrighted?

Yeah, but we pretty much allow you to use them for non-commercial purposes.  If you have any questions, it is probably best to contact us.  Legal:  all content on is copyright 1999-2005 by Dan Elam.   All rights reserved.  Do not fold spindle or mutilate.


What is the favorite place you have ever been?

For Dan it is probably Yosemite National Park.  For Bobbie it is Italy.  Well....Potomac Mills ranks up there, too...


Who does your web pages?

Dan does most of the work and Bobbie helps with some of the writing.


What do you (Bobbie) do all day?

Bobbie manages all of the investments, everything related to the house, and helps with eVisory.  Any two of the three could fill a full day.


Why don't you have ads on Elams.Org?

The web site is just for fun – and a way to communicate with our family and friends. It doesn't cost much so we don't need it to make any money. If it were commercial, it would lose some of its appeal.

Is that Bobbie's real hair color?

Of course!  How could she have any color other than real?


How much time does it take to maintain the web page?

It's actually a lot less time than you think.  We've developed the web page structure to be really easy to maintain and we use some software tools to automate the development.  It only takes us about 30 minutes to add all the pictures and change the web page after a weekend event.  Scanning the old family pictures takes a lot longer and is further complicated since we can't scan when monkeys are in the house (go figure!)


Aren't you single? (usually said when Dan is by the car or the airplane)

No.  I (Dan) always wear my wedding ring, but some people just assume that toys mean you are single.