Monument Avenue Internet Repository (MAIR)


Slowly but surely we will be adding the houses to the Monument Avenue Internet Repository (MAIR).  It isn't meant to be anything serious, but it can be a fun way to navigate the neighborhood.

If you have information to add about your house (or even a link to your web site), please send a note to to be included.  If your block isn't on here and you want to volunteer to help, please let us know your skills and we will probably put you to work.  If someone wants to do the entire Fan we'll provide them with the layout and the hosting.

We've also added the HGTV Dream Drives show about Monument Avenue.  If HGTV ever starts to sell the video, we will take it down.  In the meantime, you can download the 126 megabyte file here.

For now, we are still cleaning things up;  getting the image sizes straightened out and all the houses properly labeled.  If you have some suggestions (or corrections), please let us know.

Monument Ave

1600 Block

1800 Block

2000 Block

2200 Block

2300 Block

2500 Block

2600 Block

2700 Block


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