Useless Trivia

Elams.Org averages 30,000-35,000 hits per day.  You just added one more! Our peak is 301,647 hits in a day which is a little more than 12,000 hits per hour.

The Elam house contains thousands of books.  Bobbie only ever reads a book once.  Daniel often rereads books - some have been read more than ten times.

Bobbie couldn't tell Elbert and Barley apart for the first few weeks.

Dan, Bobbie, and Uncle Stuart's names are etched onto a microchip and stored on a spacecraft headed to the Comet Wild 2.  This is part of the Stardust project.

The Elam's house was built in 1925, making it one of the youngest houses on Monument Ave.

Dan knows the words to numerous Muppets songs.

Daniel does not know where anything is in the kitchen.   Bobbie has to tell him where to find utensils, etc.

Bobbie does crossword puzzles every day.

Daniel has never seen Bobbie without painted toenails.   (She says she was born with them painted).

The Elams were married on October 22, 1994.

Dan drove the Sunbeam Tiger you see on this site to his high school prom.

Bobbie has successfully soloed an airplane and can land a complex aircraft.

The Elams are the same height.

The Elam house can been seen daily in a little video on the local cable channel that shows ariel views of the house and the office.

Bobbie is the author of The Guy Figpie stories, a children's book of short stories.

Dan is the author of Content Management:  Case Studies & Trends.

Dan has appeared in numerous publications including USA Today, Forbes ASAP, and been seen on NBC's Today Show and CBN's 700 Club.  He founded and sold two publications:  Contemplor and Imaging Technology News.

Daniel does not drink coffee.  Bobbie drinks coffee morning and night.

Dan was a champion fencer and captain of his college foil team.

Bobbie is very domestic (which shocks many people), but does not iron.  Daniel is much more likely to iron something than Bobbie.

Rumors abound that the basement to the Elam house was used for bondage sex parties before they moved in.

The Elam house was once in Southern Living magazine.

Hackers attack Elams.Org (usually looking for nude pictures of Bobbie) on a regular basis.  We've even watched more than one hacker attack at a time.

Dan has held track records for the FFR Spec Cobra at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Virginia International Raceway.

Bobbie makes numerous crafts including nearly all of the Easter and Christmas decorations at the house.  Bobbie sews as well.  She does not make Daniel's clothes.

Greybar and Babette are from an endangered species.

Dan has owned all or part of four airplanes.

Bobbie speaks Italian.

Daniel is a bilingual illiterate:  he can't read or write in multiple languages.

Daniel can touch his toes and do mid-air splits during 'Shout'.

Some people have thought that Bobbie is a boy.

Bobbie learned to drive a manual gear on the Viper.

Bobbie did not paint the mural on the garage door.

Both Bobbie and Daniel have a motorcycle license.

Barley had experimental eye surgery - that was largely a success.

An average visitor to Elams.Org oftens spends over an hour looking through the site.

Bobbie sold Avon when she was in high school.

Daniel does not know all the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen.

Dan was a paperboy.

Bobbie was nick-named 'Snob-bra' in junior high.

Dan had a perfect debate record in 7th grade:  0-6.

Dan had a perfect debate record in 9th grade:  7-0.

Dan was captain of his high school debate team that was ranked number one in the country.

Bobbie was voted 'Best Dressed' in her high school.

Bobbie received a scholarship for her graduate work in textiles.

Daniel shares his birthday with Troy Osborne's little girl, Jennifer.  She is still the best present ever.

Dan can hyper-extend his elbows.

Bobbie has castrated a bull.  (Her childhood pet, Charley)

Bobbie helped deliver a baby (and cut the umbilical cord).

Bobbie was rejected as an extra for the movie 'Hannibal'.

The Snowflake Crusade featured Bobbie as an extra.  She loaned some of her clothes to the cast and several of the transvestite characters wore her clothes in prominent scenes.

Dan had numerous minor injuries from crashes in bicycle races.

Dan learned to rollerblade using the internet.

Anastasia has caught (and eaten) small fish.

Bobbie will only chew a piece of bubble gum for a few short minutes.  She just likes the initial rush of flavor and then discards the gum.

Daniel does not shop for groceries.

Bobbie has met Princess Ann and Bart Conner.

Daniel refuses to stalk celebrities.

Both have SCCA and NASA race car licenses.

Dan & Bobbie compete each year by trying to make all the picks for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

Both Bobbie and Daniel can read very quickly.

Daniel collects Asterix comic books.

Bobbie is obsessive compulsive about some things.

The longest that the Elams have been apart is two weeks and they talk nearly every day even when traveling.

Bobbie can reupholster furniture.

Bobbie collects cups and saucers - and her collection has been shown in the local paper.

Daniel's groomsmen's cake was in the shape of an I-95 sign.

Bobbie likes room service.  Daniel likes camping.

Bobbie has never been to a NASCAR race.

Daniel represents the United State to ISO (International Standards Organization) for certain technologies.

Bobbie did not own tennis shoes when she married.  Daniel owned just one pair of blue jeans.

The Elam house and Rosegill have both appeared in several paintings - and can be found on E-bay in antique post cards almost every day.  Click here to see what is loaded there now!

Bobbie has never watched Sesame Street or Casablanca.

Bobbie sang during beauty pagents as her talent.

Bobbie was once disqualified in a wet t-shirt competition.

Daniel has never touched his eyeball.  Bobbie used to wear contacts.

Daniel has never been drunk.

Bobbie has never been, um, never mind.

The wedding rings for Bobbie and Daniel were made by his uncle Stuart Elam in Chase City, Virginia.

Sometimes Daniel does not go in some rooms in the house for over a month.

Neither Daniel or Bobbie is tall enough to see out the peep hole on their front door.  (Which is another reason we have the security cameras.)

Daniel is an ordained minister.

Dan likes to kayak.

Bobbie has never seen Star Wars.

Bobbie does not know her cell phone number.

Elams.Org contains more than 80,000 pictures.  At 5 seconds per picture, it would take you nearly 5 days to view the entire web site.

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