We are fortunate enough to have had some other great animals sharing our life.

We got Bow from Charlene Elam in the fall of 2000.  Even as a puppy he was a bit strange, but when he came to live with us the first time he was obssessed with Daniel.  Bow died in 2003.

Barley was our resident pillow-anchor.  (Little video here!)  He always managed the find the most comfortable place in the surroundings and loved to sleep on our clothes.   Barley was very devoted to Bobbie.   Daniel got Barley a year after Elbert.  Barley died in April of 2002.

In August of 2000, we lost our beloved Elbert.  He's the little dog you see on the front of the animals page.  Elbert was named after Elbert P. Osborne (Troy), one of Dan's best friends.  We had always thought that Elbert would live the longest since he was, by far, the healthiest and strongest.  He developed throat cancer and only lived a few weeks after he was diagnosed.  Everyone thinks their dog is special and we are no exception, but Elbert really was different.   He was exceptionally friendly and loved to explore.  When living in Urbanna, he once caught a crab.  Elbert liked to "drive" the car.  He was very faithful and traveled the country with Dan when he was a young pup.  His Mummy liked to call him "Elboo".

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