Breakthrough Year!        


Our second year was the first where we ran a full season.   We certainly made the most of it!  Our eVisory/Factory Five Spec Cobra was featured in a national advertising compaign as we won the NASA season championship.  Harry and Dan split driving duties and included races at Sears Point in California as well as our usual races in the mid-atlantic.  We even ran some SCCA races against significantly better funded teams with much more horsepower.  In one of these races, we were rewarded with a surprising second place finish and finished tied for seventh in the MARRS points.  (In the national Valvoline Cup we finished tied for 13th.)  More importantly, we significantly increased our driving skills and had a ton of fun!

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Bobbie even got in the act by running her pink RX-7 in the NASA driving schools and improved her driving.


Factory Five made a video of their cars.  Not only were we included in the video, but we made the cover of the new video!


2002 Event Results

To learn a little bit more about our races from last year, just click on the links below!

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Valentine's Day 200

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Sears Point FFR Challenge
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Moonshine Run @ Kershaw
NASA Summit Point June IMG_4041.JPG (28659 bytes)
Moore Cadillac MARRS V
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Lowes Under the Lights (NASA)
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Dog Days of Summer
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Charlotte Lowes Speedway
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Virginia International Raceway
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Summit Point - Fall
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National Championship at Sears Point



2002 Sponsors

Special thanks to those who have sponsored the 2002 season:

eVisory Consulting

Factory Five Racing

AIIM International

Advanstar Communications

Special thanks to John Beasley for all the work on the graphics.


Other Stuff

The whole 2001 season summary is here.  We finished fifth without even running the entire schedule!